Electric Sliding Gates

Electric sliding gates are the main alternative to the common swing gate. They use a simple mechanism that works on the rack and pinion principle.

They are normally used where there is not enough space for swing gates to be closed in a conventional way e.g. when cars need to park close to the gates.

A basic sliding gate system will allow the gate to slide along a simple track sideways.

There must be enough space at the side of the drive for the sliding gate to move into when it is being opened.

Advantages of Electric Sliding Gates

  1. They can be used where swing opening electric gates are not possible due to lack of space.
  2. They maximise the driveway space that can be used for parking.
  3. They are the most secure system as the gate is held in position on a track.
  4. The motor holds the gate in position when closed.
  5. Electric locks are not essential - although they are recommended for better security

Buying Your Electric Sliding Gate

Choose an installer
Unless you are able to install the gate yourself e.g. using a gate kit your first step will be to choose an installer. Your installer should be an established company that is able to supply you with references. When comparing different companies look at the complete job and the quality of all the products that will be used in the installation. See if you can visit the company to see the gates being made.

Select Your Electric Sliding Gate Style
The sort of sliding gate you choose will govern the type of automatic gate opener you will require. Automatic sliding gates include the electric gate, an automatic sliding gate opener, remote access controls and exit controls.

Plans and Drawings
Your installer should produce a site plan. This shows where the gates, equipment, wiring etc. will be placed. A gate drawing will allow you to see the gate as it will appear when the installation is finished. It should include the actual design for you to approve before the gate is manufactured.

Gate Operator / Gate Opener
An automatic gate opener is the mechanism that opens and closes the sliding gate. When the gate opener receives a signal from an access control e.g. a keypad, it opens or closes the gate. It will also reverse if there is an obstacle in its path and it can be instructed to leave the gate open if required.
The type of gate opener that is used depends upon a number of factors that an experienced installer will take into consideration. The required power of the electric gate motor is related to the size and weight of the slide gate, the number of times the gate will be opened and closed each day, the local environment etc.

Access Controls
Access controls allow you entry through your electric gate. You, and members of your family, will each need a remote control. A receiver will be fitted to operate the gate opener. You will also need controls that allow your visitors to enter.

Below is a list of access control equipment.

  • Hand held remote controls are radio transmitters very similar to garage door remote controls.
  • Keypads allow visitors without remote controls to enter. Visitors who know the numeric code will have access.
  • Swipe cards.
  • Intercoms. An intercom allows the visitor to communicate with the householder and provides the ability for the householder to open the gate from inside the house. A telephone entry system can be set up with many advanced features.

Leaving The Property
A visitor who wants to leave the property needs to be able to open the gate. A simple push button on the inside or a keypad will enable the visitor to open the gate.

Safety With Electric Sliding Gates

It is important to have devices and measures in place to prevent accidents i.e. to prevent an electronic gate from closing and make it reverse direction if someone (or something) is in its path.

There are two main types of safety device: contact and non-contact. Contact devices respond to physical contact with an obstruction. Non-contact devices such as photo eyes detect a vehicle or person's presence and prevent the electric sliding gate closing. At least one of each sort of device should be installed.







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