Electronic Gates

Why Electronic Gates?

Electronic gates have become increasingly popular in the last two decades. Their name 'electronic gates' refers to the electronic control systems that allos them to be opened and closed automatically. Their reduced cost now means they are within the budget of many people. Three major reasons for their popularity are convenience, privacy and security.

Many properties have gates that are rarely used because it is just too much trouble to open and close them manually. They are just a decoration for the drive entrance and of little practical benefit. A set of electronic automatic gates with a handheld remote control makes it easy to actually use your gates and keep them closed at all times except when access to your home is needed.

Electronic gates control access to your property and keep out unwanted callers and prying eyes. These may be door-to-door salesmen, people looking for odd jobs, potential burglars etc. Using audio or visual communications you can identify your visitors before you let them in.

A good set of electronic gates completes your security perimeter of a high wall or fence and can be a significant deterrent to burglars especially opportunist burglars. There is little point in having a high fence around your property if the gates to the front drive are always left open. You can combine electronic gates with surveillance cameras to enhance your security.

Additional benefits to having automatic gates for your property.

Children and Pets. Automatically closing electronic gates will ensure that gates are kept closed and children and pets are not allowed to wander out.

Wild animals. In rural areas an electronic gate system can help protect your garden from the unwanted attention of rabbits or deer.

Driveway abuse. Your automatic gate system will prevent your driveway being used for unauthorised turning (or parking) by motorists.

Insurance. Most major insurers will offer a discount when electronic gates are fitted as part of your security measures.

Appearance. A gate system can improve the appearance and status of your property i.e. impress the neighbours. It is also a good selling point for your house.

Fitting Electronic Gates

You can have automatic electronic gates installed by professional installers or follow the DIY route.

It is perfectly possible to install electronic gates yourself if you have DIY skills and the time to do it. Many automatic gate companies sell the parts that you need and complete sets of electronic gates can be purchased in kit form.

Once you get your electronic gates up and working they will need maintenance to keep them working reliably.

Professional installation.
This is the easy but more expensive way. A good professional installation will cost at least £3000 when everything is taken into consideration. The growth of the electronic gate market in recent years led to an explosive growth in the number of companies in the business and this has unfortunately led to poor practice by inexperienced people and the installation of gates with poor long-term reliability.

A good electric gate installation company will take you through all the stages of designing a gate system and the installation process, including fitting safety devices and arranging maintenance.

If you are hiring professional installers make sure they are from an experienced company and have maintenance and repairs service available. And remember that cutting corners by using the cheapest products you can find may well result in having an electronic gate system that breaks down after only 12 to 18 months.

Electronic Gates and Safety

It is important, and legally required, to have devices and measures in place to prevent accidents i.e. to prevent the electric driveway gate from closing on a vehicle or person, and make it reverse direction if someone (or something) is in its path.

There are two main types of safety device: contact and non-contact. Contact devices respond to physical contact with an obstruction. Non-contact devices such as photo eyes detect a vehicle or person's presence and prevent the electronic sliding gate closing. At least one of each sort of device should be installed.










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