Sliding Gate Openers

Sliding gates are ideal where there is insufficient space for swing gates or where particularly large gates are needed e.g. for commercial use. Slide gate opener suppliers include: Viking, DoorKing, Ramset, Eagle, FAAc and Appollo with prices ranging from around $800 to $2000 for residential use. Heavy duty sliding gate openers for residential or commercial use start at around $1400 up to many thousands. Look out for a slide gate opener sale price that can give big reductions of $100's.

As well as a sliding gate opener all sliding gate systems require a track, wheels to support the gate and allow it to run along the track as well as rollers to hold the gate in position.

Two types of sliding gate:

A Sliding Gate System (V track)

  • Driveway Gate with Back Frame
  • Slider Guide
  • "V" Track
  • "V" Wheels
  • Guide Rollers
  • Catch Post
  • Sliding Gate Opener

sliding gate opener (single)                sliding gate opener (double)

Sliding Gate System (Cantilever)

  • Running Track
  • Gate Carriage
  • Support Wheel
  • Meeting Point Bracket
  • Sliding Gate Opener

cantilever sliding gate


Slide gate openers work with most sliding gate systems including cantilever or v-track systems. A double sliding gate requires a master and slave opener system i.e. a dual sliding gate opener.

Example of a sliding gate opener

 sliding gate operer Mighty Mule Single Slide, Gate Opener for Slide Gates Weighing up to 1000 lbs







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